Welcome to BSB ICO!

We Aim to create an investment ecosystem democratically
powered with Ethereum ecosystem

Today the market is packed with lots of offers for investing and gaining by cryptocurrency (Lending Systems, technologies, etc.). But not all of them are high-quality, profitable and reliable.

Our ecosystem would effectively assist in obtaining profits. The one and only thing you need to do is to purchase our coin either at ICO (which is cheaper) or at fully-fledged launch of the platform.

Opportunities don't happen. You create them!

BSBCoin is a digital token built on the Ethereum blockchain platform with ERC20 standard, designed for purchasing investment products on the BSBCoin ecosystem.

We are building an investment ecosystem built on trust and reputation.

Our platform has been designed to handle all the expected load with ease. All the features have been extensively tested before being brought live.

Our team consists of professionals with different fields of expertise: developers, media buyers, economists, and marketing experts.

What is an Ico?

"An Initial Coin Offering, also commonly referred to as an ICO, is a fundraising mechanism in wich new projects sell their underlying crypto tokens in exchange for bitcoin and ether. It's somewhat similar to an Inicital Public Offering (IPO) in which investors purchase shares of a company"


ERC20 Standard
Smart contracts and Ethereum blockchain

Round Starting Date End Date Price Tokens
1st Round April 22 April 24 $ 0.5 1.000.000
2nd Round April 25 April 26 $ 0.8 1.000.000
3rd Round April 27 April 29 $ 0.9 1.000.000
4rd Round April 30 May 2 $ 1.00 1.000.000
5th Round May 3 May 5 $ 1.10 1.000.000
6th Round May 6 May 8 $ 1.20 1.000.000
7th Round May 9 May 11 $ 1.30 1.000.000
8th Round May 12 May 14 $ 1.40 1.000.000
9th Round May 15 May 17 $ 1.50 1.000.000
10th Round May 18 May 22 $ 1.60 1.000.000

ICO Allocation of funds

ICO consists of 10 rounds. Coin price will be raising at every next round. So, you'd better hurry up to buy the coins at minimal cost. Every round is limited by quantity of coins with no time limits.

There will be a maximun supply of 17'000.000 (Seventeen million) BSB Coins.

10'000.000 (ten million) coins will be distributed during ICO (in 10 phases)


This investment option involves profiting from trading and volatility of the markets. You will receive profit based on your investment option.


Bitsobet Lab will be the place where our team and every single one of our investors will be merged together in order to take actions about the future of BitSoBet.


Make profits in our internal exchange by buying and selling BSB. The price of BSB is determined by supply and demand (fluctuating price) and trade it for profits


Using our data providers, we will run bets on different sports events including e-sports. And provide virtual casino options such as live dealer casino including blackjack, roulette and much more.

Referral Bonus

Referral Bonus

Bring your friends and get 5% bonus in first level and 2% in second level upon their purchase!



  • ICO

    April 2018

    April 22th to May 22th

  • BitSoBet Development

    June 2018

    Develop both casino and betting sites, and begin dividend payout schedule.

  • Internal Exchange

    July 2018

    Internal Exchange and marketing campaing.

  • Lending Program

    September 2018

    Lending program development and launch.

  • Aggresive Marketing Campaign

    November 2018

  • External Exchange & Marketing

    February 2019

    External Exchange and coinmarketcap listing.

  • Central Office Launch

    March 2019

  • BSB Debitcard

    June 2019

  • And then we will continue growing together ...


1. Regulatory risks

Due to the adoption of new laws regulating cryptocurrency turnover and token sales worldwide, BitSoBet warns investors that is not responsible for possible changes in the project in the event of regulations by different jurisdictions affecting the coin. Blockchain technology is on a developing stage, and the technical and legal problems associated with it are unregulated. Therefore, BitSoBet states that is not responsible for any possible adoption of laws regulating blockachin technology by any country that would adversely affect the development of the project on the entire crypto industry.

2. Technology risks

BitSoBet warns all the investors that the platform can be target with possible cyberattacks that will have a negative impact on the cost and reputations of the coin. The BitSoBet team will use all the resources necessary to ensure the project's safety but cannot guarantee that this event will not happen.

3. Market and financial risks

The BSBCoin token will provede multiple investment opportunities. The platform will not be responsible for the fluctuation of the BSBCoin tokens if it is listed on different exchanges. Cryptocurrencies have a high volatility; therefore, financial losses are possible in the event of a negative fluctuation in cryptocurrency. If any jurisdiction implements a law that affects the crypto industry, the exchange of tokens to fiat currency could become difficult or impossible. After contributing in the token sale and before the launch of the project, investors could lack the ability to use tokens in any way or sell them.

4. Limitation of liability

BitSoBet is no liable for any damages of any kind, including, but not limited to, loss of use, loss of profits, or loss of data arising out of or any way connected with the use of the coin. Bitsobet also reserves the right to stop or change the project according to any changes on the jurisdiction of cryptocurrencies. Individuals intending to invest in the coin, should carefully consider and evaluate all the risks and decide on their own responsibility.